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Al Madrasa Tul Ezziyah is proud to present …


Summer Camp 2019

For Darajah Khamesa to Ashara


Our exciting long-awaited Summer Camp is back !

Every year farzando have witnessed an amazing fun time together full of interactive activities and summer fun!

When: Wednesday Aug 7th to Friday August 9th, 2019

Who: Darajah Khamesa to Ashara

Where: 3 days, 2 nights at Bingemans Camping Resort in Kitchener

Cost: $199 per child


Registration Deadline: June 14th — Limited spots available! First come, first serve!!

Click Here to register online:

– Registration is confirmed only once payment has been received

– Make Cheques payable to “Ezzi Qardan Hasana Trust – Madrasa”


Al Madrasa Tul Ezziyah

Highlights from Nisaab E Saifee 1439


Baad as Salam,

Shehrullah khuda na mahina chey ibadat na mahina chey ehna wastey tayyari kerwoo, waaledein si khaas iltimaas chey aa baabat ehtemaam karyey;

▪ farzando na pehran/jhabla/ rida, masallah, topi tem namaz ma pehenwana sagla kapra shehrullah pehley namazi keryey.
> tasbeeh hafti rumaal masallah bag tayyar karyey.

▪Sagla farzando namaz ma haazir thai farizat na sathey sunnat naafelat bhi parhey.
☆Behori ni namaz ma haazir thai.

▪Imkaan hoi tou roza kerey 
Misaaq wala farzando 30 roza tamam kerey

▪ Tilawatul Quran jitnu bani sakey zyada parhey. Aa mahina ma Quran majeed naazil thaya chey ehni barakat si rawani zyada thasey.

▪ Apas ma dosto ne rishtedarawo ne silat kerey.

▪ Masjid khuda nu ghar chey ehni adaab nu khaas khayaal rakhey. Waato ya bhaaga bhaag ya jhagra aa misal gair munasib amalo na karey.

▪Mobile phones koshish karey na laawey, agar laawey to koi games na ramey ya ehnu miss use na kerey.

▪Niyaz ma thaal ma khas Discipline nu khayaal rakhey, jaman zaaey na karey aney koi bija farzand ne ehna sabab taqleef na thai.

*Waaledein ne khaas kahyyey chey farzando ne aa sagla pointers par discuss Keri ne tayyar karey takey farzand barabar etena na saath shehrullah ma behter amalo karey*

Dua kerye Khuda taala apney apna farzando ni tarbiyat kerwa par yaari aapey aney  Moula ni khushi ne haasil keryey. Aameen!

Iltimas Id dua
Was Salaam


Salaam e Jameel,

Alhamdolillah!  2nd term exams are over and now it’s time to view our Farzando’s Progress report!

Date: Saturday 4th May, 2019
Time: 9:00am – 10:30am

Since we have a limited time for each parent to go through their child’s report, we request parents to schedule some other time with the teachers to discuss further in detail.

PRBs will not be sent home for viewing.
Please take utmost advantage!



Head Moallim
Al Madrasa tul Ezziyah

2nd Term Exams Announcement and Practice Papers.

Dear Waledain and Farzando of Al Madrasa Tul Ezziyah.

Please be informed that the SECOND TERM EXAMS will be held on:
*27th April 2019* / 22nd shabaan 1440

Open house will be on the following week after on 4th May 2019/ 29th Shabaan 1440h

Practice papers from past year exams are posted below:

STD 2 – 2nd Term 1439

STD 3 -2nd Term 1439

STD 4 – 2nd Term 1439

STD 5 – 2nd Term 1439

STD 6 – 2nd Term 1439

STD 7 – 2nd Term 1439

STD 8 – 2nd Term 1439

STD 9- 2nd Term 1439

STD10 – 2nd Term1439



Baad as salam

As per Alvazarat farmaan madrasa farzando from Awwala to Ashera has to perform Dental screening check-up. Janab Aamil saab ni raza si inshallah coming Saturday 2nd March 2019 thasey. 

Dr. Dentists Mohammed bhai Saigar and his team will be performing dental screening to diagnose dental decay or any dental infection along with Dental Hygiene cleaning.

Please fill the consent form in the link below latest by Thursday 28th February 2019.
Only Farzando with consent will be treated.

Click Here for Consent Form

If you have any further questions please contact head moallimjanab Sh Huzefa bhai.



Al Madrasa Tul Ezziyah.

1st Term Exam Announcement.

Moazzaz Waaledein aney pyara farzando,

As you all are aware first term exam is approaching us soon;

*Date: 19th January 2019*

Please note there will be both written and oral cross-checking exam on the same day.

Farzando sagla exams ni tayyari shuru keri lei.  Holidays no faido lei ne sagloo barabar revise karey.

*There will be no Madrasa on Saturday 29th of December on the occasion of Milad Mubarak khushi*

Madrasa will re-open on 5th Jan 2019, be well prepared for all assessments subject wise.

1st Term Exam Practice Papers


On the Auspicious 75th Milad Mubarak of Our Aqa Moula TUS, Al Madrasa tul Ezziyah presents a remarkable stage program.  

Date: Saturday,15th December 2018.
Time: 12:00 noon – 2:00 pm
Followed by Namaz and Jaman.

Har saal ni misal Madrasa na farzando milad ni khushi ma ghanoo shandaar program ghani mehnat si pesh karey chey. 

Sagla Toronto na mumineen muminaat ne khaas izn araz kerye chey, aa chota chota farzando ni koshish aney mehnat dekhwaney ye sagla na hosla afzaahi wastey zaroor shamil thajo.
Farzando aap saglaney dekhi ne ghana khush thasey.
Khuda taala sagla waaledein ni aankh ye sagla na farzando ma thandi karey

Was salam
Al Madrasa Tul Ezziyah.

Rauza tul Atfaal le Tehfeez il Quran

Respected Waaledein
Baad as Salaam il Jameel

Rauzat Quran class is an excellent platform for every child for continuous hifz progress.  Farzando get one on one attention and keeps them on track. Request to please register your farzand for their own benefit.  You will truly see the change!

The next session of Rauzat will be held from

Monday, 1st  OCT 2018 till Friday 21st DEC 2018


Mon, Thurs & Fri: 4:30pm – 6:30pm (Online)

Wednesdays at Masjid: 5:00pm – 7:00pm*

Basic Requirements:

●All interested parents (both for current students and new students who wish to join) must confirm their children’s enrolment with Janab SH. Huzefa bhai Head Moallim.

●Farzand must exhibit a keen interest (“shauq”) in performing hifz of Quran e Majeed, as well as having parents’ firm commitment regarding their children’s hifz.

●Farzand must be in darajah salesa or higher grade, only few exceptional for ibtidayiyah, awwala and saniyah farzando as per Janaabs observation. 

●farzand must be able to proficiently do hifz on their own.

●Farzando must attend the sessions regularly.

The timings will vary if there are any other events during Rauzat time. 

Hub for this session is as follows:

$200 per child attending all four days.

$150 per child attending 3 days sessions.

$100 per child attending 2 days sessions.

$50 per child attending only one day session

Please feel free to contact Janab Sh. Huzefa bhai Head Moallim at 416 833 5438 regarding any questions for enrolment.

Request to please register on the link attached below.


Khuda Ta’ala apna farzando ne Moula TUS ni khushi mutabiq hifz karwani yaari ape, ane Hafiz ul Quran Moula TUS ne hazaaro hazaaro waras ta qayaamat baqi rakhe. Ameen!

was salaam
Sh Huzefabhai Marasiawala.

Final Exams and Practice Papers

Respected Waaledein aney Pyara Farzando

Al Madrasa tul Ezziyah’s 1439h final exams are scheduled for Saturday 1st sept 2018.  Exam will start with Tilawat id dua, written exam followed by jaman, Namaz and Oral cross checking.

Please note the following timings below:

Darajah Saniyah – Tasea

Time: Regular Madrasa timing: 9:00am – 3:00pm

Darajah Ibtidaiyah &  Awwala

Time: 9am – 12:45 pm.

Darajah Hadiqat-ul-Atfaal

Time: Regular Madrasa timing: 9am – 12:45pm

Sagla farzando hamna si imtihaan ni tayyari shuru keri lei.  Coming Saturday will be last taalim Sat before exam, make sure farzando have completed their oral assessments and work book exercises / assignments up to date.

For any reason if your farzand will not be able to attend exam day please contact Head Moallim Janaab Sh Huzefa bhai for a revised date for your child.

Click here for the past exam practice papers.


Was salaam