"Knowledge is noble heritage; it is our duty to safe guard this heritage for future generations..."

With the Dua Mubarak of Aqa Maula tus, after the success in online daily hifz classes and in person 20 Days 5 hrs Mukhaiyyam

with the Raza of Janab Amil Saheb, we are pleased to announce:

🇨🇦”Raudat ul Quran in person”🇨🇦

Masjid e Saify Toronto

5 to 6:30pm
(1:30 hrs)

Mon to Fri

(throughout the year inshallah)

Where ferzando can come and start their Hifz in the guidance of 4 Huffaz kiram and experienced Teachers, and complete their daily hifz within those hours, inshallah

Registration link for in person Raudat: